Planting a seed,
washing a dish,
and cutting the grass
are as eternal,
as beautiful,
as writing a poem.
I do not understand
how a poem can be better
than a peppermint plant.
-thich that hah

Fifty five degrees and a little warm sunshine

This weather makes me happy and antsy to start my garden. I got an email from Sow True Seed announcing that it was potato and rhubarb pre-ordering time, so I at least got to think about my garden. I picked out some Swedish Peanut Fingerling potatoes, Mary Washington asparagus, and Crimson Red rhubarb crowns.  It’s also time to inventory seeds and plan out what/when I’m going to start indoors on my new growing shelf. Planting time is coming around again. On days like this I believe it.

all this time
the sun never says
to the earth,
“You owe me.”

what happens
with a love like that–
it lights the
– Hafiz