Catching a Swarm…On the Ground?!


I got to go along to try to catch a swarm this┬áMother’s Day, which is always exciting.

However, this is NOT what a bee swarm is supposed to look like. They’re supposed to be up on a branch or somewhere else up in the air making a big, beautiful, slightly intimidating ball. After much googling all I’ve found is that the queen is either a) injured and incapable of going higher up, which is very bad, or b) has landed long enough to leave her smell there, which has totally confused the swarm following her and they have gathered here to be with her smell. Also not good.

I couldn’t find anything┬áthat actually advises one on what to do in this situation, so J decided to just stick a hive box on top and see if they feel like moving into it. We’ll see what happens!


UPDATE: The hive did stay around and seems to be doing well. Weird, huh?




the new place and garden

We’ve been in a new place since early spring and frantically attempting to plant perennials, complete repairs, build garden beds and goat fencing, acclimate new honey bees, and sometimes unpack. I’ve kept some notes, but it’s too much for a single update.