img_9592Garden finds.


Banana pudding

I didn’t get very good pictures of this, but let me assure you, it was consumed with gusto. I grew up eating homemade banana pudding and have been so disappointed at what passes for that nowadays, which uses instant pudding and instant whipped cream. The real thing involves cooking custard and making meringue or homemade whipped cream, and is rich, custardy, and reminiscent of real bananas. So I finally stopped complaining about it and dug up a recipe that looks like my aunt’s. It’s from Taste of Southern, and when I looked around on this site, I recognized many of the dishes from what I ate as a kid around here. I really look forward to trying more of them – although spaced out for the sake of my waistline, I think.

Maybe next time I make it we can manage to get better pictures before we devour it.


Summer flowers


I got this cockscomb from a Ukrainian baker in Berea (post about that here) who brought it with her to the U.S. when she came. It turned out to be quite easy to grow, and it has come up thickly in all three places I’ve planted it.

A few other things from this week:


The okra flowers seem to be only visited by wasps, so I’m thankful I’ve been letting them hang around every year because I’m getting a ton of okra. We’ve had a variety of bees on our other flowers, though, as you can see in the salvia picture. (I think that’s salvia. I planted that area in a frenzy of blue flowers.) The bottom right picture is a sesame plant, which I was very excited to test out. Jefferson grew sesame in hopes of finding a homegrown source of oil, but it’s actually quite a striking ornamental. Maybe I’ll try to harvest from it too, and see if I get enough to put on a meal.