2015 Hatch – The babies are here!


Our New Year’s set hatched- 5 chanteclers, 7 cream legbars, an olive egger, and a black copper marans.

This is one more than last year’s hatch, which suffered from a power outage. I’m not sure what happened this time, but in the Octagon Eco incubator with 19 eggs we hatched 13 (a pretty good ratio) and in the Advanced Mini with 7 eggs we hatched 1 (a terrible, terrible ratio.) I’ve been researching this to try to figure out what went wrong there, but all I have so far is speculation.

We decided to trust the Brinseas a little more this time and not panic about refilling during lockdown. That was too anxiety-inducing, so we compromised by putting a vaporizer near the incubators. It is pretty dry upstairs in our house, after all.



This picture shows what it looks like when they first enlarge the pip (left) and when they unzip themselves from the egg (right.)



This is the marans, our only hatched egg from the little incubator.



And this is the first chick to hatch, a chantecler. We’ve had great luck with our chanteclers both times.

Now everyone’s out and they’re all safely in plastic tote brooders dirtying up the paper towel floors and making contented cheeping sounds.


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