Bacon 2014

There is a 17lb pork belly waiting for me in the fridge. I was helping oversee a butchering job and one thing led to another (the other thing being pigs hanging in the meat locker next door.) I’m going to make bacon out of all of it from the recipe I used last year – Michael Ruhlman’s ridiculously easy version. I was so pumped by the outcome of this bacon last year I bought his book Charcuterie, anticipating lots more where that came from. Don’t worry, it’s still all there, inside the book I haven’t cracked yet. I’ll get to it, promise.

I thought briefly about doing some pancetta too, but we’ve been without bacon for a long time, so I’m not feeling as adventurous. I’m feeling like 17 packages of bacon in the freezer is like money in the bank.


My old great pumpkin from last year is at the local garden store!

They just call it an old-fashioned pumpkin around here, and the garden store is sourcing them from an older local couple that grows it every year and saves seed. From my limited research, I believe it’s a locally adapted cheese pumpkin. It did so well for me last year, and the flavor is so similar to a butternut squash, that I plan to grow a bunch of these next year and save seed. Which means I won’t be doing butternuts, unfortunately, because I think they’re both cucurbits moscata, so they would likely cross. This picture is of some of the pumpkins I grew last year off of one plant, for reference.