This year’s garden in review

This year’s garden had a lot of firsts for me – first time growing any fruit, beans, or any squash other than yellow straightneck, for example. We really dove right in with that too. I don’t think I’ll expand the blueberries or focus too much more on blackberries, though. We loved visiting Buffalo Trail Orchard to pick fruit. I definitely plan to return next year for berries and apples. At u-pick prices, they’re a great resource and an excuse to use my planting ground and energy for other pursuits.
I grew way more tomato plants than usual – 3 long keeping, 4 cherry tomato (White Cherry, Black Cherry, and Amy’s Apricot), 3 Amish paste for sauces, and a couple of Cherokee purples and other varieties for slicing tomatoes. They grew huge and beautiful, and then in a week or so I lost them all to blight. I will have to learn how to combat this better before next growing season, because that was a bit heartbreaking. One step I will probably take is to purchase an organic fungicide like Serenade, which was recommended by an organic gardener at the farmers market.
I had an overall tendency of growing plants we like in every season they could grow. Some of that was valuable learning experience. For instance, I learned that we really only like most lettuces in spring verging on summer. And we really don’t need lots of kale at that point like we do in fall. It’s funny how I thought I had a good idea of what we ate on a regular basis and felt like I had this quantity thing in hand. I could have told you we eat a moderate amount of lettuce and a lot of greens. Turns out, though, having access to a grocery store all of the time has created the illusion that I know more than I do about my eating habits.
H, showing me the melons she picked (I don’t really know the variety) 8/10/13
calico crowder peas, fresh (and dried, below)11/4/13

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