A One-Plant Pumpkin Patch

In a shady late evening transaction from Craigslist, I bought what turned out to be wonderful organic starts from a very cool person starting a business in selling these plants. My spaghetti squash, butternut squash, melons, cherry tomatoes, and more all came from this guy and did well, so I’ll surely post his business info as it becomes available. The most interesting fallout of that meeting was a volunteer pumpkin he gifted me – a huge old pumpkin, he said. I was thinking jack-o-lantern, so I wasn’t all that excited. But I had room for it and it was free, so I thought if it turned out without much help it could be fun.  Boy did it ever turn out.

It grew into the hugest vegetable plant I’ve ever seen. I had stuffed it in some cruddy looking soil on the edge of the garden and it grew into the garden as well as over the back fence and along the perimeter of the garden for about 25 feet.

8/15/13 when pumpkins started showing up

I only ever watered it when it was a bad dry streak and I happened to have the hose handy, but with all the rain we had this summer, it was never really necessary. In the end, I got 7 huge pumpkins from it and immediately gave a few away. Today I harvested everything else from the plant because a hard freeze is predicted for tonight. We stir fried the baby pumpkins, which tasted a lot like yellow squash.
I wanted to show size in the photos and the Ball jars weren’t cutting it, so I stuck us in there.

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