Bottle Feeding and Other Things I Should Have Known Beforehand

They’re pretty much the best things ever, these baby goats. But if I’d kept a list of everything I had to panic and google since they’ve arrived, I could fill a book. Despite having taken a husbandry class. Despite having read Storey’s Guide To Dairy Goats. Those were both indispensable for general knowledge/exposure/hands-on experience, but this is the first time I’ve owned an animal that wasn’t a dog or a fish. I didn’t do so well with the fish, so maybe we shouldn’t count that one. It’s the million ways a thing could go wrong when it’s completely foreign. I’m learning about bottle feeding – the right nipple, the right angle, the right feeding schedule and formula – and parasites, or rather, fear of parasites and over-diligent analysis of droppings, and housing – the imagined Goldilocks syndrome. It’s the new mother thing, where I just don’t sleep well until I’ve thought about every single thing and panicked and looked it up. At least, that’s what new mothering was like for me…